2016 Sale

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Friday, April 22, 2016      8 AM to 6 PM

Saturday, April 23, 2016      8 AM to 4 PM


 4,667 PLANTS FOR ONLY $5.97 EA.

Spring is here and it’s time to get busy outside the confines of our homes. I’ve already had emails from those who are building new homes and are ready to do their landscaping and I’ve had a lot of emails from people wanting to change some plants in their landscape and some who want to do a complete makeover. Many people excited to get out and get playing in the dirt and only a week ago snow on the ground!

We’ve had some extreme weather variations this winter and I promised a picture of what happens when you have to much (32″) of wet snow on a hoop houses designed to protect your plants. We rented 3 hoop houses on a neighbors property to place plants in over the winter mainly to protect them from winters dry, freezing cold winds. When the wet snow came one of the hoop house collapsed.    004_4

The next day we knew we had to clean the snow off of the other two or we would have two more problems. We hiked from the plowed road to the hoop houses in waist deep snow and shoveled around both hoop houses and pulled the snow off of them. What a job! We figured our minds are a whole lot younger than our bodies!!!!!

We had nice moderating temperatures in March and we thought we’ll have some nice April weather. Wrong again! Lots of very cold nights affecting the growth rates of many plants. Lots of mild days creating buds on plants followed by 21-25 degree nights does not make for fun in the plant business. But here we are with temperatures in the 60’s and nights in the 40 degree range helping to bring on spring. We have a large selection of home grown plants this year that will upgrade your landscape.

We have Flowering Weigela’s like Red Prince which is my wife’s favorite, Minuets my personal favorite, Java Red, and Variegated. These are easily kept to less than 36″ by trimming once a year. We have Red Twig Dogwood, Yellow Twig Dogwood, and Variegated Dogwood to add color to your winter Landscape. Then we have Nugget Ninebark and Royalty Ninebark. You will love color of the Ninebark foliage! Oh yes, we have Viburnums Burkwoodii, Arrowwood, and Summer Snowflake. If you are looking for something different we have two kinds of Scotch Brooms which you do not see in many landscapes. Try one, you’ll love it.

We have many other shrubs like Old Fashion Lilac, Miss Kim Lilac, Burning Bush, Potentilla Gold Drop, Potentilla Abbottswood, Honeysuckle Butterfly, Mock Orange, Euonymus, Hypericum Gemo, Hypericum Sunburst, Forsythia, Inkberry Holly, Itea, Butterfly Bush, Dierville Copper, and help, everything is running together in my mind. It’s the  short circuiting brain cells at work! Oh yes, Kathy to the rescue. She said not to forget the Quince Cameo with its early Spring Salmon Flower Bloom and the Quince Crimson & Gold with its beautiful Red Blooms. Take a look at the pictures below. We had blooms on these in December! Wow!


Quince  –  Cameo                                                                           Quince – Crimson n Gold

For those who have limited space and grow things in containers on your porch and we have three evergreens that work well including Mugo Pine, Birds Nest Spruce, and Emerald Green Arborvitae and a few other items as well. The Mugo and Birds Nest are in limited supply so hurry if you want one for your container.

We have perennials like Astible, Digatalis, Lavendar, Coral Bells, Coreopsus, Dianthus, Hosta, and more. I’ve got to finish this before I run out of energy. Okay, Kathy just brought me a glass full of my favorite “healthy” ice tea to keep me going!

Oh yes, the tea kicked in. Edibles!!! We have Triple Crown Thornless Blackberries, Sambuscus Elderberry, and Aronia Chokeberry. If you like berries these are great eating and The Aronia have great foliage!

Oh yes, we have lots of beautiful Spirea! We have Gold Flame, Gold Mound, Lemon Princess, Anthony Waterer, Little Princess and Neon Flash and even Bridal Wreath.   008How could I forget these? Oh yes, Azalea’s and Rhododendrons. We have a tremendous selection. There are a whole lot more but I need to move on.

Evergreens. Man do we have a selection. We have Emerald Green Arborvitae, Lionsville Arborvitae, Hetz Arborvitae, and more. For those who need ground covers we have Blue Rug Juniper, Blue Chip Juniper, and Queen Of Carpets Cotoneaster. Oh we have Sea Green Juniper, Gold Coast Juniper and more. All of the above and more at only $5.97 ea. I must be losing my mind and Kathy and our helper agree!!!! Oh boy, better take advantage of this before I come to my senses!

One more thing. WARNING, YOU COULD BE SAVING A FORTUNE ON THE FOLLOWING ITEMS. We have incredible deals on trees and some larger shrubs. Some of them are Flowering Weeping Cherry, Weeping Japanese Maples, Okame Flowering Cherry, Yoshino Cherry, Chinese Kousa Dogwood, Pink Flowering Dogwood, Red Flowering Dogwood, Large Sea Green Juniper, Royal Purple Smoke Bush and Golden Curl Willow for those who have wet areas, ponds, etc. and more I’ve probably missed.











Golden Curl Willows                                                                                               Purpleleaf Sandcherry

There are more cultivars around here but the easiest way to decide if we have anything you like and want is to come on over. Pack everyone in the car, pick-up truck or SUV and set the GPS for Longview Nursery, 557 Hackman Rd., Lititz, Pa. 17543. We accept cash, checks, or credit cards. We appreciate your business and if you could, pass this along to your friends by email or by Facebook. When you get to my age you can forget some things easily and what I forgot was for you to like us on FB at www.facebook.com/longviewnursery. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you.

Tom & Kathy Weidman

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