Last Plant Sale of the Spring!!!

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Thursday, May 26, 2016      8 AM to 6 PM

Friday, May 27, 2016      8 AM to 6 PM

Saturday, May 28, 2016      8 AM to 4 PM


  1,737 Plants At Blowout Sale Price Of $5.97 EA.

While They Last!

Hey Now, Print This Out On That Printer Over There and Take a Green, Red, or Black Pen and Circle What You Want!

These Plants are beautiful and selling them for only $5.97 is a bit crazy but that is what we do. Our Mission is to make plants affordable for everyone so you can enjoy a beautiful Landscape! I better get right into the list cause you aren’t here to waste time. Hopefully I won’t get any crazier and make better deals for you. Sometimes I become inspired and get carried away and my wife kind of looks at me with that look that says here we go again! So here we go! We have Gold Flame, Gold Mound, Lemon Princess, Little Princess, and Anthony Water Spirea for only $5.97 each.  We have Bridal Wreath Spirea that make wonderful hedges with brilliant white blooms in the spring. If you ever drive past a property with a long brilliantly white flowered hedge in the spring, it more than likely is Bridal Wreath. All of these make beautiful flowers and foliage and are deer resilient. Deer may eat a deer resilient plant but a deer resilient plant, even if eaten down to the ground, will bounce back.  Come on over and ask me about more deer resilient plants and I’m sure I’ll remember some others.

Wgaon load Gold Flame008

Bridal Wreath Spirea                                                                                                                         Gold Flame Spirea







We have Flowering Weigela’s like Java Red, a real blooming machine in late spring into early summer. We also have Red Prince, my wife’s favorite with its darker green foliage and bright red bell shaped flowers. The Variegated Weigela is another favorite with its pink and white bloom. All of these are easily kept to less than 36″ by trimming once a year. The Hummingbirds love the Bell Shaped Flower on the Weigela. We have Red Twig Dogwood, Yellow Twig Dogwood, and Variegated Dogwood to add color to your winter Landscape. They have white blooming flowers in the spring and then in fall the bark on these turn brilliantly colored! If  you don’t have one of these, get them for your Landscape now! Ninebark Nugget and Ninebark Royalty are a must! The yellow foliage of the Nugget and the Maroon Burgundy color of the Royalty and the white blooms make it a necessity to have at least one pair of these in your Landscape. We had a bumper crop of the Ninebark so we are rolling back the price of these to $4.97 each while they last. Yup, that was the price of our plants two years ago!!! I’m really crazy and I hope my family ignores my craziness and marks it up to old age. Oh yes, we have Viburnums like Burkwoodii, Arrowwood, and Summer Snowflake and only $5.97 each! I can smell the fragrant Viburnum just typing here. When the Burkwoodii is in bloom I stand and inhale deeply for a long time enjoying the fragrance. ————– Come back Tom-just thinking of that smell had me so relaxed I almost forgot I’ve got to list more plants.

Weigela, Red Prince                                                                                                                     Red Prince Weigela

Potentilla Gold Drop and Potentilla Abbottswood are little blooming machines in spring time and later. Just a little haircut in late spring gives you a very thick and beautiful bloom again! Hey now butterfly lovers, you need a Honeysuckle Butterfly (Native) with its yellow blooms that have the butterflies around it all day long. It is a great shrub that is very hardy. If you want to draw butterfly’s and have no luck with Butterfly Bush, give this one a try! I know I have at least 3 butterfly bushes as well, with each having different color blooms. zzzzzzzzzz I’m tiring, and luckily Kathy got me awake when she saw that $4.97 deal!  Yes we have Mock Orange, Hypericum Gemo, Forsythia, Inkberry Holly, Blue Girl and Blue Boy Holly, Aronia Chokeberry Viking that has beautiful foliage, beautiful flowers in spring and large black berries in the fall and they have an out of this world level of antioxidants. We have a summer blooming Clethra, even one that only grows to 1′-3′! Help, everything is running together in my mind. It’s the  short circuiting brain cells at work! Uh Oh, those short circuiting brain cells just told me that we have Itea Henry’s Garnet a beautiful Native Plant that has those white hanging flowers in summer and I can’t stop, doggone it, I’m selling these for only $4.97 each while they last. I just can’t stop making sure you have a beautiful landscape at bargain prices!!! Oh yes, Kathy just came in but didn’t see that and said she is here to rescue my tired brain. She said not to forget the Quince Cameo with its early Spring Salmon colored Flower Bloom and the Quince Crimson & Gold with its beautiful Red Blooms. Take a look at the pictures below. We had blooms on these in Mid March! Wow! If you don’t have Quince in your landscape, find a place and very early next spring you will be glad you did. I know there are more but I can’t find them all in my memory so come and take a look. Now wait, I have Redbuds for only $5.97 ea. What a bargain!!! and I have a few Japanese Red Maples for only $5.97 each and Hydrangea’s like Ruby Slippers, Pee Gee and more! Kathy is going to have me committed for this so come out and help me please.


Quince  –  Cameo                                                                           Quince – Crimson n Gold

Oh yes Evergreens. I almost forgot. For those who have limited space and grow things in containers on your porch and we have many evergreens that work well including Birds Nest Spruce, and Emerald Green Arborvitae. The Birds Nest are in limited supply so hurry if you want one for your container. We have Golden Globe Arborvitaes, Hetz Arborvitae, and my favorite called Lionsville (some say the same as the Cannonball). The Lionsville is soft and cuddly and is round ball shaped naturally. Amazing what a good cold glass of Healthy Tea will do for you cause I just remembered we have Gold Coast Juniper, Saybrook Gold that looks so rich and Sea Green Juniper that is fantastic in its own right.

Ground Covers, yes Ground Covers. We have Blue Rug Juniper, Blue Chip Juniper, and one to use on southern exposure banks called Cotoneaster Queen Of Carpets that grows very low and has small white flowers in the spring and red berries for the birds in the fall. I have other ground cover things somewhere around here but.

We have perennials for only $5.97 like Astible, Lavendar, Coral Bells, and more. Oh yes Hostas that are two for $5.97! I’ve got to finish this before I run out of energy. So many plants, so little time. Look, I know there are at least two other plants somewhere on this sale bed. Yes they are Purple Bell Flower and one kind of DayLilly that I can’t think of the name now and priced two for $5.97!!!! while they last! I’m really crazy but not stupid, I know this will get you out here to look these plants over and I know you will fall in love with some and adopt them and take them home with you!

Okay we have a huge selection of plants at $5.97 but not all the plants in our nursery are $5.97. We have larger plants that range from $7.97 to $39.97. Even at these prices they are a steal. Some customers even commented that they must be at wholesale prices! Oh Yes, One more thing. WARNING, YOU COULD BE SAVING A FORTUNE ON THE FOLLOWING ITEMS. We have incredible deals on trees and some larger shrubs like, Okame Flowering Cherry, Yoshino Flowering Cherry, Large Sea Green Juniper, Japanese Whitespire Birch, Aronia Red Chokeberry, and some very large Viburnums! I have at least 9 different kinds of Rhododendrons (see pictures above), Mountain Laurel, Large Old Fashion Lilac and I’m sure there are more I missed but look, the best way to see, smell, or touch is to come on over and scoop up the bargains on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


Purpleleaf   Sandcherry                                                                                                                                                                                       Purpleleaf  Sandcherry






Pack everyone in the car, pick-up truck or SUV and set the GPS for Longview Nursery, 557 Hackman Rd., Lititz, Pa. 17543. We accept cash, checks, or credit cards. We appreciate your business and if you could, pass this along to your friends by email or by Facebook. When you get to my age you can forget some things easily and what I forgot was for you to like us on FB at’s all I can remember right now so hurry on over and scoop up the bargains now cause when they are gone there gone and This is it, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the last three day sale till fall! Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you.

Tom & Kathy Weidman

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