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Huge Nursery Plant Sale

This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

2,997 Plants Must Be Sold This

Weekend! Only $5.97 Each

While They Last!


You have to help me out! My wife is an accountant.  She took inventory and said we have way too many plants and we have to get rid of at least 2,997 plants right now.  Most of these plants are only $5.97 each, while they last.

This is completely crazy to see these plants for $5.97 each but we must lower the inventory to make room around here!

Print out this page, grab a red or blue pen and circle the things you want.  This is what we have……..

We have some really nice Gold Flame Spirea, a hot seller @ $5.97 each. We also have Blue Rug Juniper ready to cover those steep banks as well as cover the ground in your landscape beds.  It is very low growing making for simple maintenance.  We have Salix Hakuro Nishiki in 3 and 5 gal. containers for $5.97 each and they won’t last long.

 Salix on my front bank are spectacular!



Our Chaenomeles, Quince, Crimson n Gold are to die for with these early spring blooms of red with golden centers make you forget the long cold winter quickly.

We have Gold Thread Cypress that add color to your landscape.  We have Lynnwood Forsythia in 2 and 3 gal. containers that give that early spring brilliant yellow you see in April.  Make nice hedge rows.

We have Pieris Japonica Mountain Fire and Dorothy Wycoff – either a not addition to your landscape.

We have a ton of flowering shrubs that are flat out pretty!  Variegated Weigela has a beautiful variegated leaf with a beautiful white and pink flower!  Red Prince Weigela is a sight to behold with its dark green foliage and bright red flowers.  This variety will bloom in spring and again later summer.  Then we have the Minuet Weigela.  This beautiful “dwarf” plant (30” or less) makes it perfect for small areas.


Weigela, Red Prince                                                                             Red Prince Weigela

 You’re circling what you want right?

I’ve got some really nice Lemon Princess Spirea.  The bright yellow color makes it a great accent plant in the landscape.  We also have Little Princess Spirea, Anthony Waterer Spirea.  We now have Neon Flash Spirea which is low and compact growing.  Those deep pink flowers truly have that neon effect.

 Geez!  I almost forgot!

I’ve got beautiful Azaleas.  One I like is called Gibraltar which has an orange bloom that really looks cool in the landscape.  We have several other azaleas that give white, pink, and orchid blooms.  Then we have several cultivars of Rhododendrons.  Somewhere around here you will find a few Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry.

We have 4 or 5 kinds of Lilacs including the “old time” favorite – Old Fashioned Lilac.

Thinking, Thinking, Thinking, oh yeah, we have Red Twig Dogwood, Variegated Red Twig Dogwood and even Yellow Twig Dogwoods.  Then there are Hypericums, Mock Orange, and a whole lot more at $5.97 each.

I know I have a whole lot more varieties, but I’m tired and my brain has slowed down.

Oh yeah….. I forgot we have Daylilies and Hostas at lower prices!

We have a ton of stuff.  Too much to list.  You have to come out and look around, chat a while and grab a few plants.

Program your GPS for Longview Nursery, 557 Hackman Rd., Lititz, PA  17543, just a little north of Lititz near the small community of Brunnerville.  When you get to Brunnerville – look for the green $5.97 plant signs and follow the arrows.  When you get to us, pull in the driveway and park on the grass.  We have lots of parking.

It’s Good I’m Married To An Accountant!!

It’s good I’m married to an accountant.  She just reminded me of several things.  For payment we accept cash, checks, and credit cards.  We are only open Thursday and Friday – 8 AM to 5 PM, and Saturday – 8 AM to 3 PM.

Finally she is saying you “forgot” your beloved “Tree City”.  Oh yes, I’m tired and more forgetful than I used to be.  WE have trees like Cleveland Flowering Pears, Red, White, and Pink Dogwoods, Flowering Cherries and more at or near wholesale pricing.  You don’t want to miss “Tree City”!

One last thing, we are very busy potting plants, etc.  We don’t do phones and we have little time for emails.  We’re just two semi-retired people who work very hard.  IF you can – tell your 30 year old children and friends about our plant sale.  They are glued to their electronic devices and don’t read newspapers.  They believe they are well connected to what’s going on, but obviously are not or they would know about our plant sale!  How will they ever “function” without us?


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Longview Nursery

557 Hackman Road

Lititz, PA  17543

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